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  1. The First Rotation of Hermetic Philosophy

    The First Rotation.

    The image is the Microcosmic Man. The Athanor. The First Rotation is the understanding of the Microcosm and it's creation and involution/first evolution. Without a theoretical basis, everything is lost.

    I mean this literally. I've thrown out quite a few 'interesting but improbable' substances in the lab which, looking back on now, would have been quite useful in Particular Works. ...
  2. Discouraging Encouragement

    You could also call it getting back on the straight path.

    I've been dreaming of things fixing
    themselves in geometric and sacred patterns.

    "occultum fiat manifestum et vice versa,
    aqua cum igne tandem in gratium redit"

    it may be hidden, and vice versa. ...
  3. Snakebites and Dreams

    I woke in an underground room, in bed with a girl, and in the middle of a house party. What lights were on did nothing to lighten up the room color-wise -- everything was gray and black. I moved out of bed and walked through the room filled with my friends; in the corner I found a pool table. The surface was green felt and no one was playing. Walking around the table I saw the cue-ball had been scratched and rested in the small retrieval pocket, but when moving closer I saw another rattlesnake hiding ...
  4. Dreaming of Snakes

    I'm a big fan of dreams.

    I was following my older brother along a path. At one point we came upon a fenced-in area which ended in a gate.
    Beyond the gate was a small pond full of rocks and things, and it was here I saw three or four snakes swimming away from me, but from out behind a rock quite close to me came another snake. It looked very much like a rattlesnake (our native species here in Montana). I became scared and backed up, but the snake was much too quick. It came ...