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  1. Build a DIY Lab Frame for $20

    As promised, here are our DIY instructions for building a Lab Frame. When we first started collecting glass for our lab, we realized we needed some way to support our distillation train and other set-ups. A quick search online resulted in many expensive and inexpensive options ranging from thousands of $ to a guy who said he drills a screw through the back of a wooden chair to support his clamps.

    The dimensions you want your frame to be will determine the size of materials you will ...

    Updated 10-30-2013 at 09:51 PM by Dr.Zoidberg

  2. Zoidberg DIY/Art Blog

    Hello, Hello!

    Forums have always been a great source of information for us, but we have never been active members on one until now. Perhaps this is because we had not found a community that was particularly relevant to us, or perhaps because we are both anti-social to a certain extent; we just kind of prefer to live in our own little happy world we have created in our peaceful home. We are branching out a bit on this forum and do enjoy the atmosphere and our ability to contribute ...

    Updated 10-07-2013 at 03:26 PM by Dr.Zoidberg

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