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  1. Plagiarism detection in Alchemical literature using Hierarchical clustering

    The academic community places a high value on the originality and authenticity of research findings. As such, identifying plagiarism in scholarly work is of utmost importance. In recent years, hierarchical clustering has emerged as a powerful tool for detecting plagiarism in a wide range of text-based research. In this paper, we explore the application of hierarchical clustering to the analysis of alchemical texts, intending to identify instances of plagiarism within this notoriously complex and ...
  2. Machine Learning, Hierarchical Clustering, and RAMS

    So I have recieved approval from the university to make my major research project a machine learning assignment that uses something called unsupervised hierarchical clustering to basically cross examine the absolute fuck out of the RAMS collection and try and find underlying patterns, or at least, catagorize similar authors and similar trains of thought into something that might be a bit more paletable to study rather than the entire endless amount of literature there is out there.

  3. Crypto Chads

    A show of hands for who took my advice and bought Algorand.

    You'd be up a steezy 40% if you did.

    Steezy = style with ease.

  4. The rebuild

    So I got a new wife. I'm in a third world country teaching children mathematics.

    Now is a good time to accumulate crypto. I'm not saying to bet the sheep station, but the price is historically low as fuck right now.

    Top picks:


    if you buy and hold for 12 months now you are going to kill it. End of.

    I must say. Living in a literal hell on earth, by sacrificing my own ...
  5. The rise and fall of EM

    We have reached the end of a grand SuperCycle of my life

    In a single day I lost:

    My home
    My wife
    My children
    My car
    My reputation
    My money
    My possessions
    My laboratory.

    All I have left is my camping gear and my block of land, which is also at risk because I have huge debt.
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