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  1. A woman's work and a childs play

    "A woman's work and a childs play" - Ancient Alchemical axiom for the preparation of the philosophers stone.

    I had some jars out last night, preparing what I now know to be the natural source for the 'Sal Metallorum' or the 'Centrum Naturae Congentratum' or otherwise the 'Regenerated Salt of Nature', commonly called The Central Salt.

    As I was mixing the substance in a very large glass jar I couldnt help but have this axiom coming to my mind while I was doing ...
  2. Truth, Love and the Objective nature of the Universe

    Truth - noun: "The quality or state of being true. That which is true or in accordance with fact or reality."

    This is non subjective. If I look at a colour and call it green. And then another looks at a colour and calls it blue. Does it make both of these things true? Or True to one person and untrue to another. Or true to both parties, subjectively and simultaneously? No. The fact of the matter as it stands in reality is that the colour be of 'x' nanometres in wave length. ...
  3. Finding the prima materia

    So lately, for the past couple years and increasingly so, especially this last couple months, I've really had the urge to just get a girlfriend on the side of my marriage and enjoy the last of my youth to its maximum potential.

    This is conflicting, to my views around adultery and sexuality.

    But I've been getting very close, ha been antagonizing arguments with my wife cause I've basically just wanted to get kicked out so I can breathe and be free and have some different ...
  4. Learning Latin

    So next semester I am taking a break from computer programming and just focusing on Alchemy.

    I will be studying Latin and am building my dream Spiritus Mundi generator that I've been talking about for years now.

    Does anyone have recommendation for the most important Latin texts that I can use as learning material while studying?

    Regards everyone, hope you are all well.
  5. The Earth Will Die... Soon.

    So ni just had a peak into the agriculture and fishing industries just to find something good to complain about for the day.

    What I found was in fact mind boggling.

    The Earth is dying, at alarming speed. The agriculture and fishing industries are going to wipe out the bio-sphere within the next 25 years. Wildlife will cease to exist on this planet and the ocean will collapse. It will be a death zone of sealice and nothing else.

    Dispite all this talk about ...
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