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  1. The Earth Will Die... Soon.

    So ni just had a peak into the agriculture and fishing industries just to find something good to complain about for the day.

    What I found was in fact mind boggling.

    The Earth is dying, at alarming speed. The agriculture and fishing industries are going to wipe out the bio-sphere within the next 25 years. Wildlife will cease to exist on this planet and the ocean will collapse. It will be a death zone of sealice and nothing else.

    Dispite all this talk about ...
  2. ElixirMixer becomes CEO

    So our block-chain company was approved of our grant.

    We broke the record in South Australia for university startups. By 6 times. Pretty happy right now.
  3. Rosemary Crystals

    So after many years, much meditation, and many attempts, I succeeded in creating the Volatized Salts of Rosemary.

    They are quite interesting aswell. Definite stimulant qualities with a taste like cough lollies. I'm very happy with the result. I am going to continue to distill them to see if I can increase the yield. There is enough to allow me to try them, bit plenty more to be had I thi k with more refining.
  4. Astrologically just sayin...

    Moon, Jupiter and Saturn are all lines up, and almost Pluto aswell, from where I'm standing..

    Just sayin..
  5. EM latest prediction

    For recorded history as I learn to trust my ability to peer into the future, my prediction is that the next big thing (covid, 9/11 type big) is going to be a:

    Global food crisis.

    No food. We are running out of food. It's happening and it's coming in fast. Certainly going to be the Manitowoc of discussion next year. With love. You've been warned.
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