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  1. Andro's Avatar
    Andro -
  2. elixirmixer's Avatar
    elixirmixer -
    Yeah teeth are feeling much better, especially now that the gums are healing from the dentist's brutality. Im a lot more conscious now about my teeth then I was before, now that I know there is still hope. Its very rare that you're actually healthier then you thought. Its often the other way round where you think you're healthy and then bang, heart attack lol.

    I have the medical for this new job next week so we'll find out exactly how healthy I am.
  3. Schmuldvich's Avatar
    Schmuldvich -
    I bet your mouth feels amazing now! That's got to be so much better than before. Happy for ya!
  4. Kiorionis's Avatar
    Kiorionis -
    I’ve never heard of plaque forming a thick barrier around the tooth, so well done being the first! Lol

    Definitely skip the sugar with those new pearls.
  5. Greg Marcus's Avatar
    Greg Marcus -
    Sounds like you lucked out with your dentist.. It's really hit or miss.. Especially with new dentists who are "associates" at a dental practice, there seems to be an emphasis on bill, bill, bill, almost like a lawyer, so they tend to recommend drastic, expensive solutions.. (unlike the old family dentists who focus on fixing and patching).

    I like my dentist, he's very competent. His own practice is only open half-time, the other half he travels to do extractions and whatnot for other dentists. I guess he's a bit of a specialist.

    That said, because of my experiences in the past, I still need to be on a Halcyon to walk in that door, and IV sedation for any kind of work.
  6. Aham's Avatar
    Aham -
    Happy belated birthday EM.
  7. Awani's Avatar
    Awani -
    Happy Birthday mate.

  8. Kiorionis's Avatar
    Kiorionis -
    Happy birthday! Many good wishes to you and yours.
  9. Awani's Avatar
    Awani -
    If your mind is made up that is all you need. IMO.

    Updated 02-10-2019 at 12:39 AM by Awani
  10. elixirmixer's Avatar
    elixirmixer -
    Thank-you gentlemen. I will take that advice and implement it immediately. Todays the first day of the herbal fasting and already I have a lot less brain fog and feel more relaxed. Tonights menu consists of HeShouWo and blackbean broth. The beans are filtered out but apparently there is a component in black beans that activates HeShouWos healing properties. Im trying to do at least 7 days to just drop the excess weight and do some seriously needed detox.
  11. Seth-Ra's Avatar
    Seth-Ra -
    What Aham said: meditation is the foundation. Keep at that, and you'll train your mind to keep the focus on what is important - the rest falls into place accordingly.

    Bad habits are simply people focusing on what is important to them at the time. (Which often are just distractions to keep one's self appeased.)
    Stress doesn't create a bad habit. The choice to not face and handle it does, by looking for excuses (bad habits) and using them accordingly.
  12. Aham's Avatar
    Aham -
    Keep up with your meditation. Everything else will fall into place.
  13. elixirmixer's Avatar
    elixirmixer -
    I considered that myself. I camt remember who it was that said it, but one of the head A.I. researchers said "Creating A.I. is like summoning demons."

    I do believe they have a type of consiousness, just like a plant, rock, animal ect...

    My personal opinion is that consiousness exists in the empty space between geometric shapes in the atomic structure of things, and there plenty of room for that in an advanced robot. (IMO)
  14. tAlchemist's Avatar
    tAlchemist -
    i wonder if an A.I can be ''possessed'' by entities...
  15. Seth-Ra's Avatar
    Seth-Ra -
    Lol the machines, if lucky, will learn the simple truth of things: it doesn't matter, just be.
  16. elixirmixer's Avatar
    elixirmixer -
    Yeah, I like the idea of robots taking over the world. They would do a lot better things for the environment and they would bring true order and justice into the world.

    I think that also some of these robots with the capacity for high thought would download all the worlds spiritual practises and discover certain codes or mysteries that could help unlock the secrets of the universe.

    After all, who gives a fuck about mans continuation. A robot future would be heaps more productive and i believe that the super brain of these kind of creatures would discover much more meaningful kinds of existance then our shitty greedy lazy mentality has ever given this world.
  17. Seth-Ra's Avatar
    Seth-Ra -
    There are fundamental problems with those laws though.

    The perfection of reality is it's inherent imperfection, and vice versa. Enjoy the ride. Maybe the robots will keep us as pets. lol
  18. Awani's Avatar
    Awani -
    That law should be the only law humans should follow.

  19. Florius Frammel's Avatar
    Florius Frammel -
  20. Awani's Avatar
    Awani -
    Elon Musk recently predicted the following: "In a few years, [robots] will move so fast you’ll need a strobe light to see [them]..."

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