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  1. No good deed goes unpunished.

    So I'm helping this completely legless (drunk) bloke to his mums car, he sees his mum and starts resisting and physically pushing me away, at the very same moment my very loyal, but pretty crazy friend, who is quite big and "scary" comes around the corner and is like "You better not be hurting my friend"

    For some reason, the blokes I was with found this a reason to try and start a fight with my friend.

    I tell my friend that this bloke wasn't attacking ...
  2. Next Gen Tec

    Whether you're running your own research laboratory, or you're installing you're new free energy device into the home, you can't go without a Rodin coil.

    Rodin coils are pretty sweet. To put it most simply, they are copper wires, wound in a special sequence that replicates the natural shape of magnetic fields.

    Check these ones out. The best I could find.