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  1. ****ed Up My Work

    Maybe I'll post pictures but if I do it will be next month in July.

    I closed up my flask later my Work started to bubble!!!

    However, stupid me, thinking there was too much water, I opened up my flask to try to drain some out.

    What happened next? Nothing. I closed up my flasks and never saw the bubbles again.

    Rule of thumb: Don't open your flask when the Work has begun.

    I'm going to need about 1.5 more years before I can really ''Show'' ...

    Updated 06-02-2022 at 09:05 PM by tAlchemist (I Want To Edit Some Things Out)

  2. All In Good Faith

    All In Good Faith


    I've seen how certain people treated Chasm369, Schmuldvich for asserting their views on Alchemy.

    I've seen how bothered people can be by people who assert their views when the option to look away from what BOTHERS them is always there.

    Are you listening to me? Oh okay. You're not bothered, are you? Oh no? Oh okay then I shall continue... But that other guy over there, when he speaks you're bothered.
  3. i love these special people in my heart

    i love kristzian on this forum, pneumatician, chasm369, schmuldvich and my old friend rohan

    thank you kristzian, chasm369, schmuldvich and pneumatician for making me feel my heart beat with your presence.

    thank you rohan, before I started understanding the philosophy of nature our search and inquires felt really cool, mysterious, and thrilling which is a feeling that kept driving me to keep looking and searching and understanding. i feel like a buddha who has to keep ...
  4. I'll Be Back Later - Outwitting The Devil - Napoleon Hill

    I have noticed that I keep falling back into my bad habits, old routines, growing more and more lazier, and things like that, leaving nothing to show of my work and also by allowing my own personal progress to stagnate. I'll be taking a break from all forums to clear my head and get back into the right state of mind.

    I wont come back here until I have something to show of my work. Not because I feel I have to but as gratitude. It will probably be a couple of years before i log back ...

    Updated 04-04-2020 at 12:09 PM by tAlchemist

  5. Instant Spontaneous Conbusti- No, Astral Projection!

    The other night I was laying in my bed and all of a sudden I started floating up. This happened all on its own. I felt a presence in front of me and still being traumatized by my past experiences, I reached to where I assumed the individual would be in a certain spot in front of me (astral senses, don't know any other term for it as of right now)... and I squeezed what I thought might be the head of someone, as hard as I possibly could... I let go, and looked at my hands, and on both of my hands, ...
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