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    vigilance -
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    vigilance -
    Time to dox Awani.
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    Orus Apollo
    27 posts by 5 authors

    I trust you've all seen this one:

    Has anyone ever attempted to translate the translation, Peter? (LOL!) What sort of code is he using here, Claude? Why the dedication to the Queen of Navarre, Deb? Where did this thing come from, Greg? What does it all mean, Gary? Would the Pope have approved, Jean?

    And why the heck didn't they break this sucker down into smaller sections? It's a real mother to load.
    -Bri the Confused
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    vigilance -
    Saturday, October 26, 2013 at 12:58pm EDT
    Generations are linked to the sun spot cycle.
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    vigilance -
    that big sun spot is not going to help.
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    vigilance -
    oh, a cranky vigilance comment

    Saturday, July 18, 2015 at 12:13pm EDT
    The Hebrew-hate is so great that even though the Western Tradition had inherited the wisdom from jewish sources, the Germanic folks went to India to reinterpret everything in terms of that culture and religion. And presumed to be the "real" Aryans whom the ancient knowledge was meant for.

    The symbolism of the major arcana of the Tarot is 100% hebrew kabbalah/zohar/mysticism
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    vigilance -
    November 23, 2017 at 10:34 AM
    The elaborate and ornate Hortus Palatinus have been interpreted in various ways. The dominant modern interpretation of the Hortus Palatinus is that is a 'magic' or 'hermetic' garden.[18] In this model, drawing on de Caus's alleged mystical Rosicrucian background, the complex gardens become an allegory of Rosicrucian thought, a 'botanical cosmos',[19] containing a coded secret deep in their design.[20] In this interpretation, the gardens are intended to capture 'a universal vision, based on a union of the arts, science and religion', combined with 'an ancient tradition of secret wisdom handed down over the ages'.[21]

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    vigilance -
    for some reason the wife and I have received a Covid 19 vaccination.

    But those don't exist yet.. right?

    we were "told" to remember to keep the masks on for show.
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    vigilance -
    Nov. 8
    oh i guess we haven't mentioned this, but we kinda cured my wife's lung problems with...

    Well, the sativa I grew this summer.

    She barely does the other treatments anymore. I mean, she still has asthma and bronchiastasis, but the other stuff is gone, it helps with the remaining issues, and she's doing more than she has in years.
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    vigilance -
    Greg Marcus
    23 October at 18:55
    For everyone with Mental Illness, Cancer, everything caused by these drug companies.
    I will Kill the Devil is that is okay with my wife.
    With his own fucking gun.

    Greg Marcus
    I need someone to make a website.
    For the victims.
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    vigilance -
    The site in question he was asking to see.
    Updated 6 Days Ago at 09:09 PM by vigilance
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    Awani -
    Well be careful and don't make any decisions whilst "high" on pharma drugs.
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    vigilance -
    Updated 1 Week Ago at 07:41 PM by vigilance (not a good look.)
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    vigilance -
    the bomb making was basically the "Anarchist's Cookbook" that was widely distributed.
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    Updated 2 Weeks Ago at 02:28 PM by vigilance
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    Updated 6 Days Ago at 09:09 PM by vigilance (not good look.)
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    but let's wait and see.
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    vigilance -
    I must be crazy.
    Updated 2 Weeks Ago at 11:21 PM by vigilance
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