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  1. jesus christ this is stupid.


    Updated 4 Weeks Ago at 12:00 PM by vigilance

  2. I also did this

    so.. the shop was in the basement storage/furnace. If I wanted to work down there, I had to bring everything downstairs, across the recroom, and reverse that when i was done. So I rarely did. I cut down the bench and made some legs, and moved it to the garage (which has never been used as one anyways). I now know where everything is, and it's right there. Also, it's very solid.

    this is what the rest of it was looking like down ...
  3. I know what I did last summer

    So Covid, yadda yadda, we decided to have a little beta-test garden, a proof of concept to see if we enjoyed it and wanted to go further with it. We planted some seedlings, I whipped up a little rack from scrap wood

    I had told the wife to plan for a 4x8 space. haha. I think she just randomly started a bunch of seeds, and then on top of that arranged from tomato plants and something else. Cant remember. I had ordered material ...