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  1. techno from UltraLogic

    This was me "back in the day", before the internet as we know it (world wide web). Some time ago I did some searches to see if there was anything on the net about us.

    Of course, they turned "HP" into hewlett packard, when it meant hack/phreak. We had nothing to do with hewlett packard computers. Most of us were C64 users. We had our own wardialer, x25 network scanner.. code hacker for phreaking. By this point ...
  2. The language of the birds, fulcanelli, etc.

    So I use my facebook mainly as a notebook.. I copypasta excerpts of whatever I'm looking through at the time with some keywords so I know I'd be able to find it again, things like that. Then I regularly download my archive. I have a lil program that parses it and lets me search on different terms.. So for instance, I can search out every reference I've made to "metatron" or something like that. I actually use it all the time. It also timestamps what I'm saying and when.. I used to use ...
  3. Image sets..

    I had these all uploaded to Google Photos, and organized in Collections on Google+. There's no way to link to "all public albums", so they are basically orphaned now. Here's a list of them. No particular order, but I attempted some basic grouping. It's not perfect.

    Abraham Eleazar - Uraltes chymisches Werck [1760]

    Giovanni Battista Nazari - Tre sogni della tramutatione metallica (1572) ...
  4. Johann Georg Hagelgans

    Firstly, bear with me, especially if you're interested in the content I've posted here on this blog or in the forums. There's lots of neat stuff here. (follow the links!)...

    I'm pretty sure I came across Hagelgans on Pinterest while looking at other geometrical diagrams.. these were in the other "suggested" images:

    ..and those lo-res versions were all I could find. Each search eventually landed ...
  5. Mellon MS.12 - previously owned by Ripley and John Dee

    Source: Mellon MS. 12: A collection of alchemical texts attributed to Lull, with some additional matter

    The first page of the manuscript has the following information added in modern times:

    "This ms. was formerly the property of the famous mathemetician, astrologer, and alchemist (?) John Dee. It figures in the list of (? ?) mss. published by the Bibliographical Society of London in 1921 and edited by (?) James (Ms. No. T.66) and under the same number in the original
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