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  1. very cool miniatures

    Found in a 15th/16th century manuscript, miniatures from Virgil's Aeneid.

    The best of a series of 4 featuring the Anemoi. Before the cardinal compass points were a thing, the 'Winds' would be marked on maps. Bigger maps would feature a network of connecting winds, like a web.

  2. stick-to-itiveness

    That is such a nonsense word. That it's in the mainstream makes me feel like we're literally living in the Idiocracy. There's much better words.. resolve.. perseverance, persistence, determination, etc. But I digress.

    After probably about 5 days of work, I finally have the complete english translation of the zohar parsed from PDF and the verses inserted into a database. 17000+ verses. It would have been easy if the formatting was standardized. There's a combination of commentary ...
  3. Bureus and other random things.

    While I scraped Welling's Opus Mago-Cabbalisticum from Scribd and made my own pdf the other day, it wasn't the main reason I was there or the first title I stole that day.

    I had gone back to Franckenberg and his "Key to the House of David" the other day, with my focus on finding out what exactly Eliphas Levi said about it. What I really wanted to know if he had named the title it was from, and I had wasted all that time finding it myself. Searching from THAT angle, Eliphas ...
  4. Geometrix and stuff

    When I started with the circle geometry back in the 90s, at first I just worked in Paintshop (with layers). Literally copying and pasting and placing circle after circle.

    My first program was in VB6:

    Actually, first.. for some reason I did an astrology program first.. Really just about plotting the planetary positions. The goal was to calculate when certain combinations would occur. I naively thought I'd just ...
  5. Looking for... Ara Foederis Therapici from 1616?? (found)

    Everything I find is the 1618 publication. I found access to an old paper on the WayBack Machine archive, but of course, the pictures are missing. The author of the paper included much of the same information in a later book she wrote, but didn't include the image there:

    "From 1616 to 1618, Johannes Bureus produced no less than three Rosicrucian pamphlets building up to his claim about the secret of the Runes and their Gothic past. The first of these, the Ara Foederis Therapici

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