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Spagyrics & Tinctures

Spagyrics & Tinctures

  1. Spagyrics - The Seven Basics

    by on 08-30-2021 at 07:15 PM (Alchemical Adventures in the Desert)
    35 Days ago I started the maceration process of seven tinctures based on the days of the week and the planetary rulers of those planets. The seven tinctures are as follows:

    Sunday - Sun - St. Johns. Wort
    1. Improving Energy
    2. Improving Vitality
    3. Increasing Ambition
    4. Improving Sense of Sight for The Future
    5. Improve all organ functions
    6. Increase Health
    7. Create and Maintain Protection
    8. Increase and Improve Happiness
    Monday - Moon - Maca Root
    1. Increase and Improve