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  1. elixirmixer's Avatar
    elixirmixer -
    So today; after consoltation with other serious fasters, I decided to take scheduled breaks every 4 days from fasting. I had a can of pink salmon for brain power, about 50grams of duck meat (soooo much tastier than chicken); I had a friend bring over my favourite of his dishes; vindaloo (the real reason I broke fast) and some sweet potatoes in duck fat. Tonight a duck stew. Tomorrow; back into the no food game.

    Fir the record; I feel a lot better than I have for quite some time; and it only took 3.5 days. So there is more motivation for anyone trying to break free.
  2. elixirmixer's Avatar
    elixirmixer -
    Its very interesting...

    The first time I started; I was just aiming to go 40 days without doing any damage to my body to try and break the cycle.

    During that time; I found it extremely stressful; uncomfortable; i was angry and irritable; and eventually broke down and had a fat bong to calm down.

    This time I am doing all the same; excepte I removed FOOD from the list also; and dispite that its certainly a challenge; I am MUCH calmer, much more in control, and feel a lot more confident about success than I did last time. You can even see it in my "pains of transformation" blog, how different I was feeling then to how im feeling now.

    What im trying to say; is that fasting is the most effective way, not only of purifying, but also of changing ones-self and gaining divine strength.

    It is easier to quit sin in whole than it is to quit it in part.