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  1. Schmuldvich's Avatar
    Schmuldvich -
    Hi Salazius, I took the time to read your entire blog post (on your site, with images).

    Is the main point that you are trying make that we need to 'return to [a higher Power]'?

    From everything you've written in your blog it sounds like you are blaming our 'turning away from [righteousness]' as a major catalyst or cause for the supposed catastrophes and seemingly bad things currently occurring in the world. Is my analysis of your post correct?

    If 'turning away from [righteousness]' is not what you are attempting to say is the effect of these terrible events, then what is it you were attempting to convey in your blog post?

    "And we basically NEED to cling to a Saving power. The pseudo secular modernism will erase all that." - Salazius, 2020

    What value do you find that clinging to a Saving power provides?
  2. vigilance's Avatar
    vigilance -
    who said it first was it...
  3. vigilance's Avatar
    vigilance -
    Okay, Andrew?
  4. vigilance's Avatar
    vigilance -
    Dude i'm sorry. I had no idea you rap. This is my favorite channel.
  5. vigilance's Avatar
    vigilance -
    what are you programming in?
  6. vigilance's Avatar
    vigilance -
    it never hurts to be as self-sufficient as possible.
  7. Seraphim's Avatar
    Seraphim -
    Planting food sounds like a good plan. Thanks for the recommendations and good luck.
  8. elixirmixer's Avatar
    elixirmixer -
    Have food reserves? Find ways to increase income? Pray for those less fortunate then ourselves?

    Not sure, each individual has different priorities and responsibilities.

    My situation right now is just concerned with getting into Google and planting as.much food as I can on the land I've recently bought.

    Leave the children with a safety net is my plan and get into work that I can do from the safety of my own home.

    What CAN you do? Whatever it is, find it, and get it done!
  9. Seraphim's Avatar
    Seraphim -
    So what should we do?
  10. Seraphim's Avatar
    Seraphim -
    What is a Celestial Body?