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  1. Loki Morningstar's Avatar
    Loki Morningstar -
    What the!?! He is laying in fire, at times on fire?!? Don't think I'll try this any time soon lol. Really look forward to researching it at some point though. Strange regarding his cholesterol, and drinking so little water. Even if there is some kind of trick to not getting burnt, one would need lots of mental control to get that close to the heat. Very interesting. Thanks. Will do.
  2. Kibric's Avatar
    Kibric -
    Thanks Loki.. Sorry you lost your show...
    You've got a layout for a good book, keep us all updated.
  3. Loki Morningstar's Avatar
    Loki Morningstar -
    Nice article, and video, Kibric. Based on your recent blog posts it seems we may be on similar paths. Namaste.
  4. Kibric's Avatar
    Kibric -
    The goal being to create a "stone tablet".
    Having and internalising the tablet allows everything you touch to turn to gold; achieve anything.
    Interesting idea. Look forward to reading more.
  5. Loki Morningstar's Avatar
    Loki Morningstar -
    Haha, yeah some of them are too longs for me to read unless I felt it completely necessary. Hence, "or not at all."
  6. Loki Morningstar's Avatar
    Loki Morningstar -
    Nice article Kibric. Well written, really enjoyed it. I like these ideas. Many are universal; "The animals are your teachers, their patterns and behaviours contain wisdom." Modelling, success leaves clues. "Know what fruits are poisonous." Physical and mental diet, we often know what is bad for us yet do we follow it? Thanks for sharing.
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  7. Awani's Avatar
    Awani -
    Read whole threads... start with this one. LOL.

  8. Loki Morningstar's Avatar
    Loki Morningstar -
    Knowing people with similar interests is really helpful when in the pursuit of knowledge. So glad that this place exists.

    I like ceremonial magic. An occult form of self development; self programming. What kind of alchemy you into?
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  9. elixirmixer's Avatar
    elixirmixer -
    Im basically here to share what ive learnt with less experienced members and also to have a community to bounce ideas off and ask questions when i get stuck.

    Im mainly focuses on alchwmy but im slowly introducing myself into ceremonial magic aswell and the forum has been very helpful in that regard.
  10. Loki Morningstar's Avatar
    Loki Morningstar -
    Nice information elixirmixer, thanks for sharing. I need to give up the little soldiers of death myself.
  11. Loki Morningstar's Avatar
    Loki Morningstar -
    Mainly personal development, philosophy, and cognitive science; then, the prior necessitating the following; geometry, mathematics, linguistics, physics, chemistry, and biology. How about yourself?
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  12. black's Avatar
    black -
    This is good news Mr. Mixer.
  13. elixirmixer's Avatar
    elixirmixer -
    What kind of work are you interested in, in particular?
  14. elixirmixer's Avatar
    elixirmixer -
    Uriel visited me again today.

    Exact same wave of energy spontenously while having tingles of excitment about alchemy.

    Unexpected and awesome. Go the taste buds tingling for more before-bed rituals.
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