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  1. 1st Distillation of Ethanol

    The goal of this process was to practice my distillation techniques, become more comfortable with the process and equipment, and have a good time. =) All measurements are approximate.

    Using a simple distillation apparatus, I warmed about 150 mL mixture of various 40 proof spirits to distill ethanol.

    I warmed the mixture to about 56 - 60 C to distill any acetone.

    And I let it cook until distillation stopped (no further distillate is accumulating) and I ...
  2. Patience

    I am eager to begin my work, but I am not yet ready. I find myself organizing my workspace and cleaning my equipment while I wait to put the final pieces together. (A few items to be delivered, and a few more things to make.) Impatience has tempted me to adapt what I already have to meet my needs, and it is very difficult for me to stop and step away.

    Tomorrow, I will paint the word "patience" on the wall above my workspace. It is a very plain wall, and needs some decoration ...

    Updated 01-04-2014 at 08:48 PM by Eshai

  3. Tiny Vac

    While in the process of setting up my evaporator, I decided to see how this tiny, homemade vacuum pump works. After a successful raid of my wife's kitchen (and so my downward spiral into Alchemy begins >.<), and a few holes later, I put together this little guy based off the video that was linked to in the "Making a vacuum pump...?" thread.

    Direct link to video: ...
  4. Eshai's Journal

    My desire is to make this forum my new Internet home. For several years, I have called home a number of other forums where I have met many interesting people, some I continue to call my friends. However, my desire to continue participating on those other forums is drawing to an end. I wish to do something more productive, and I hope to accomplish that here. I do not know any of you yet, but I hope through our further conversations I will be able to make some friends who can provide valuable and ...
  5. False Paths

    I will expose here three paths I followed that have led to a dead end. They were inspired by the books of Robert Bartlett.

    The first one, can be found in his book "Real Alchemy" and deals with the so called alkahest of tartar. This substance is supposed to be able to extract the sulfur of metals and minerals. In brief, Bartlett requires us to perform a dry distillation on crude tartar and then purify the distillate. We obtain a clear liquid which upon digestion ...
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