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  1. alchemist as PM-MP

    As i learn, grow, practice, i see more and more the unfolding of the path.
    There have been several returns to the black phase, several circulations.
    Of course as long as you grow there will be circulations until you ascend.
    What i want to mention today is that there is an end to the black phase.
    I've been going through some rough things lately that i noticed today would have been classified
    as black before but now they are just grey, which means i handle them much ...

    I wanted to blog on something's that's close to my heart, that's the mythology that connects Sumerians to early what later become known as Hungarians, by the help of linguistics.

    Ibilu-E-Mah is an Sumerian phrase or term of North Star that means, basically, "the house of the youth who knows everything". It is my contention that those who travelled here, to this neighbourhood, seemed to have perfected their second body, one that requires less dependence of physical nutrition ...
  3. About Spiritus Mundi

    Solazaref worked with a tower, where copper antennae and lightning rods pointing to the sky, all connected to a big copper wire, going down into the tower, and being connected to a crucible, sealed, containing a matter.

    He puts himself into a Faraday cage, and waits for the lightning, then, when the discharge happens, the matter is in a plasma state and generally transmuted into something else - if the crucible do not explode.

    I heard he goes out of the cage exhausted. ...
  4. An important distinction

    An important distinction needs to be made :

    One has to undersand that there is a "Universal Archemical" path.

    This may be shocking for some people. There is no Spiritus Mundi involved in it. A vast corpus of well known authors speak about it.

    This is why Paracelsus said they are not real Philosophers, since he knew that Spiritus Mundi could result in a Higher Product.

    This "Universal Archemical" path will eventually ...
  5. SM Dangers

    What I can add to all this, is about the inherent "dangers" of the practice with Spiritus Mundi. I already made a clear post about the general "dangers" (lack of better term ) in Alchemy, but here is different.

    Philosophical Insulation is another very important point I want to stress here.

    And I don't really know how to put that in words, since one has to know what's the point of the practice/lab ... We are dealing here with a great Fire. As such, ...
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