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  1. currently...

    I sat down at my desk recently to get back to work after a pause. I decided I wanted to cover Mynsicht a bit before I started talking about his "seal" and the Porta Alchemica.

    I sorted out that his "Golden Age" had an english translation, and the Golden Treatise was probably attributable to him, and also had an english translation. I was also gathering biographical information on him, and noticing that different sources agreed on most of it, but also had different ...
  2. Its that time again

    Today is possibly the most important day of the year.

    Elixirmixers BIRTHDAY! 30 years old today!

    I've had an obligatory relapse for the day, cracking open a cold one or Six.

    May everyone be blessed on this most auspicious day!
  3. Addicted to Alchemy Forums

    I log onto this website about 5 or 6 times a day.

    And it keeps paying off.....
  4. Goodbye Google+

    It was never very busy, but in a lot of ways it was superior to facebook. Especially when they finally allowed images and (hot) links in replies.

    The best part, for me, was that they kept images in high resolution. I never really cared about the "social media" aspects, I liked it as a place to host content to link to from other places.

    But the later addition of "Collections" was pretty cool. It's a sure thing that they are going to be lost.
  5. It only gets better.

    Many times in my life i have "sorted my shit out" quit smoking and drinking, got a job, started practices that would cultivate my energy; and then as so many of us, stress pulls me back into a place where i make bad choices and relapes.

    Im at another pinicle at the moment, im fasting, no smoking or drinking, meditation, have that drillers job interview next week and am looking forward to starting a much more balanced and healthy life that is capable of allowing me to reach ...
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