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  1. soon you won't be able to NOT see it.

    "you must observe the sequence of events". I'm showing date and time stamps, of course I can type whatever I want. But if I'm putting a date time, trust me I can prove it. I repost a lot, so I'm actually looking for the EARLIEST mention of certain things. That's usually when I've found them. And I could be lying about it all. If nothing else.. if I finally am able to write.. What a fucking fictionalized story I could come up with. No, this is fiction.

    Wednesday, ...
  2. silly talking monkeys

    look at me go. SCREAMING it.

    Date: 1997/12/30
    Gregory Lawrence ([18] writes:
    > China just concluded a major oil deal with Kazakhstan. In the last 18
    > months, China has ALSO concluded deals with Iraq,Iran,Sudan and Venezuela.

    I originally replied to this mistakenly under a friends account, but there
    hasn't been one decent reply to the post.

  3. For the record...

    I did not make this claim. Searching my archives for "davidic", the first time I found this online seems to have been "Tuesday, July 1, 2014". I made the following post.. much later. Due diligence eh. I had done a bunch of work on the Lindsays in one of those "phases", 2004. I have big bloodline charts and shit patched together from online sources. Surprise - it had NOTHING to do with this.

    The pictured book makes the following claim:

  4. Who was Douglas Adams?

    It occurs to me that this isn't that "weird" at all. I'm using a blog like people use their blogs. lol. I don't use my actual "blog" like this. Im so confused. I'm just self-conscious about making several different blog entries a day here. I mean, this is totally not gonna last forever. I work as fast as i can when I'm like this, ccause it doesnt stay. Sorry I'll be "slipping" a bit on my correspondence. Don't worry, I'll be back. Its kinda weird how I can switch back ...
  5. oops a couple of more.

    I think the earliest date of this one is Feb 2015. There should be another one too, i saw it earlier. Don't know if I'll find it before I decide click post. Don't read these posts. Shoo. Go away.

    Its time for the whole Truth no more nickle and diming
    You may think im late but i have perfect timing
    Does it seem silly to you, this dr. seuss rhyming?
    Well if you're looking for jewels then Im dealing diamonds
    This is about higher knowledge, wanna play Truth ...
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