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  1. SM Dangers

    What I can add to all this, is about the inherent "dangers" of the practice with Spiritus Mundi. I already made a clear post about the general "dangers" (lack of better term ) in Alchemy, but here is different.

    Philosophical Insulation is another very important point I want to stress here.

    And I don't really know how to put that in words, since one has to know what's the point of the practice/lab ... We are dealing here with a great Fire. As such, ...
  2. Spiritus Mundi

    I rarely speak about the Spiritus Mundi subject. Because it is the last message of Androgynus about it, I'll make an effort and share, not totally openly - sorry, several things I understood during my journey toward it. I'll speak from MY point of view and experience, it can be different for someone else of course.

    The Spiritus Mundi really put your brain upside down, and without a close look at how Nature work, it is barely possible to understand the way it works.

  3. Zoidberg DIY/Art Blog

    Hello, Hello!

    Forums have always been a great source of information for us, but we have never been active members on one until now. Perhaps this is because we had not found a community that was particularly relevant to us, or perhaps because we are both anti-social to a certain extent; we just kind of prefer to live in our own little happy world we have created in our peaceful home. We are branching out a bit on this forum and do enjoy the atmosphere and our ability to contribute ...

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  4. The digital savage

    I imagine a primary forest where a small house stands. Life here starts with the rise of the sun. Wood needs to be chopped. Fish needs to be caught. A fire needs to be lit. The sun sets, the stars come out. All around the sound of nature is the soundtrack of existence. Rain, crickets, birds and wind... leaves rattle.

    I turn on my flatscreen... no wires, HD quality... it's hooked up to the Net. I converse, download and upload. I listen to music that is pouring out of my speakers hidden ...
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  5. Popping the cherry

    So I thought I'd try out this new blog feature with a post about nothing. That doesn't mean I don't have anything to say. Nothing is a heavy subject matter to tackle.

    In Eastern philosophy the concept of nothingness is characterized by an egoless state of being in which one fully realizes one's own small part in the cosmos. So I guess in this sense I am all about nothing.

    Anyway that's it for now. I've got nothing ...

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