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  1. Cheap Orgone

    Aham inspired my to add some more simplicity to my designs so i might not build the giant pyramid in my back yard like i was going to.

    The wife says hello to everyobe here by the way and hops your all doing well.

    I feel like my time of ramblings around here must soon change forms. Ive shared a lot of stuff around here and to go any further would be to tempt the wrath of God in the form of a Kibric assassination attempt.

    Your all of your own from here!! ...
  2. !!Victory!!

    After at least 9 long months i have defeated the dreaded Telstra (a tele-network company here in Australia, the largest one) in an all out battle-royal.

    I was nice and held back from swearing and skitzzing my shit; until yesterday when i exploded and said "if you fucking wankers dont drop my bill to zero and turn my internet back on im going to sue you because this fucking shit is illegal!!!"

    And then they were fiiiinally like "we are returning your bill ...
  3. Birthday Celebrations

  4. My b-day bitches!

    Party!!.........???? Nope.

    I need the coin for my birthday list:

    1x 34.5" parabolic mirror
    1x brand new hotwater system on the government rebate.
    1x Captain Jack Sparrow costume for tantra training.
    1x point of DMT.

    Not a bad spread ey?
  5. Its time to face facts

    ElixirMixer is giving up making elixirs.

    In over 10 long years, this hobby has done very little for me. Sure I know a herb or two for a bad cough or a saw knee. Sure I have a general idea about biology and medicine. But in truth this art has done me much more harm than good. Cost me and absolute fortune, as you all well know, and has led to mostly feelings of failure and worthlessness more than anything else; and hey, let's not even mention how badly it's isolated me from family and ...
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