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  1. Nostradamus - The Tripods (Part 2)

    These ideas (outlined in Nostradamus - Method, Result and Teaching (Part 1)) led to a particular line of research on the Quatrains. Another forum user (using the pseudonym Zaphod) suggested groupings of 3 Quatrains, which were coined "Triads" or "Tripods". These groupings were linked by common, but rare, words or terms. In most cases, the linking word/term exists in the Prophecies only in the 3 Quatrains that make up the Tripod.

    Here are a couple of examples: ...
  2. Nostradamus - Method, Result, and Teaching (Part 1)

    I've been mentioning Nostradamus a few times lately, and I realize people may have some preconceived notions about him due to his portrayal in media, and some of the representations of his works. Early on in my "esoteric" journey I found my way to a pretty search Nostradamus research forum (at least there was a sub-group of serious members). So my ideas about Nostradamus is informed by my time there, and not any books you've seen in stores or programs you've seen on TV.


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  3. This keeps haunting me...

    These coincidences always happen, so I'm pretty good at just rolling with it, but this is getting ridiculous. This first image came up as a Instagram post from CuriousityStream. It has nothing to do with Alchemy... its an ad from an upcoming documentary on Woodstock:

    This one is from a few days before that.. I know what I was doing at the time, I was looking for a Donum Dei manuscript, Arsenal Ms. 975. I have no idea ...
  4. Naming the flaws

    After this very brief review of my life, its now time to engage the 1st of the processes, namely calcination. I will begin by identifying the traits i see as flaws in myself.

    Lethargy: Probably the strongest and most obvious one.
    Weak willpower: self explanatory.
    Defeatism: Could be spawning from my pessimistic view, although not entirely.

    Other flaws i could name are, i believe, children of these 3 prime ones. Such as ill temper, socially awkward, lack ...
  5. On the way into adulthood

    During the rest of my time at school, few things happened . One memorable thing was the depressive state i was in, each day i had to wake up and drag myself to this pathetic excuse of an educational center. I literally hated it. To add to that, i disliked most of my classmates. Their constant babbling about nonsense really acted like a drill in my head. My perception of the world was quite pessimistic and i wanted nothing more than to somehow escape this shithole we called a "civilized society". ...
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