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  1. Not Alchemy; just Poker

    After two years of Texas Hold 'EM poker training; i played my first SERIOUS game of poker.

    Good Lord... was that the biggest bi-polar event of my life.

    Started as a $100 cash buy-in.

    Got down to (-minus) $150.

    From there got up to + $250.

    Wanted to leave, but was told that it would be rude to leave (at 11pm) before the game ends (1 am)

    By the time 1 am hit i was (very minus) $300 dollars.

    Despite ...
  2. EM; on T.V. (!?)

    Alllllllrighty fellas!!

    Guess what happened today!

    I was doing some handy-man work for a miner in town today and then happened to be introduced to the Managing Director of the T.V. show 'Opal Hunters'!!!

    Can you see where this is going!?

    Right! An oppertunity exists.... for EM to get ON THE SHOW!!

    But only IF i can present some decent footage of me working at my mine.

    I WANT YOU GUYS to help me ...