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  1. ghetto alchemist's Avatar
    ghetto alchemist -
    I also like it...please make more of this kind of rap
  2. Uncle Scrooge's Avatar
    Uncle Scrooge -
    I like it
  3. Awani's Avatar
    Awani -
    The UI of the forums is not the latest model. We did upgrade a few times in the past. It was a disaster... so we decided many years ago to keep it as is because currently it is in a stable form. It's a vBulletin board and bit complicated to mess with. Think of the current UI as Windows 7 and any other later update as Windows Vista and you know what I mean.

    You can post videos.

  4. elixirmixer's Avatar
    elixirmixer -
    You've given me so much... (AF).................. let me give back... or suffer my never-ending winge!!
  5. elixirmixer's Avatar
    elixirmixer -
    I cant even rap Awani!