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  1. Gene Lin28

    Cell recently published (Vol. 155, I. 4; Nov. 2013) a study that highlights gene Lin28a as a promoter of tissue repair.

    Summary found here:

    I recently had a meniscus tear, and other than recipes I have from TCM (which I now take), experts don't know how else to approach it. That time might be shortening when traditional and modern have distinctions?

    What do you bloggers think?
  2. János Bánfi-Hunyadi

    I've been reading some history of 17-Century Hungarian Bánfi-Hunyadi who was quite active as an alchemist [alkimista] in England, and what currently we referred to as Transylvania.

    In one of his notebooks, he claims he extracted mercury from gold.

    He owned a vineyard. Making your own wine is the way to go! I've been engaging in this endeavour as of late.

    Rady, Martyn. "A Transylvanian Alchemist in Seventeenth-Century London". ...
  3. Build a DIY Lab Frame for $20

    As promised, here are our DIY instructions for building a Lab Frame. When we first started collecting glass for our lab, we realized we needed some way to support our distillation train and other set-ups. A quick search online resulted in many expensive and inexpensive options ranging from thousands of $ to a guy who said he drills a screw through the back of a wooden chair to support his clamps.

    The dimensions you want your frame to be will determine the size of materials you will ...

    Updated 10-30-2013 at 09:51 PM by Dr.Zoidberg

  4. understanding

    if you don't understand something, search first if you truly want to understand... that is the prerequisite to understanding anything. this is a universe of agreements (disagreements are also agreements). if something isn't right, search first your desire for it not to be right, your motive. motive is very near intent on the golden chain.
    only thought disagrees. the universe allows everything. thought is the self-conscious universe, the word, creator/creation. there are countless billions ...
  5. triunity

    There are three principle ways to perceive the universe - mercury, sulphur and salt; sattva, rajas and tamas; preserver, creator, destroyer, etc.
    A shaman manifests all three simultaneously and merges with the Source.
    A shaman never believes a manifestation unless s/he wants to, knowing that it is a perceptual agreement, maya-illusion, lila-play...
    thus a shaman is responsible for everything in their life.
    A shaman is even responsible for his/her degree of forgetting ...
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