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  1. EM; the working Man

    So the ride through social welfare lane has run its course. It was a sweet ride while it lasted, beautiful views with plenty of tourist attractions. However, now that I've been put forward for a job, that I am obligated to take, I have no choice now but to say goodbye to free money forever, and commit to a life of servitude.

    You see, in Australia, the gravy boat has been... well.... running out of gravy. The laws surrounding our sweet as fuck social security have been tightening, ...
  2. School years

    After kindergarten, there came the time to level up to primary school. I spent my 1st year on a private school, to which my mother drove me everyday. This is the first time i remember experiencing a somewhat significant social anxiety. When i first sat down in that class, among complete strangers, i can clearly re-experience this distinct feeling of cold sweat and increased heartbeat, sharpened senses and the like. When the time came to leave, i walked outside the school doors and after one minute ...
  3. EM: was locked out!

    Finally! for some reason my profile wouldnt let me log in for weeks! I thought I had been banned!!!

    Not sure why its working again now. if its because of the good people at AF than I thank thee!

    Anyway, new spagyric methods have been in development, and I went on a Gold Hunting Mission in New South Wales, Australia. Updates soon! Peace!
  4. Hermes' Sacred Tree - Samuel Norton

    In Samuel Norton’s ‘Key to Alchemy’ he divides the processes or states into fourteen parts:

    The act of passing from a gaseous or solid condition, into one of liquidity.

    Mechanical separation of a liquid from the undissolved particles suspended in it.

    Changing from a liquid or solid state into a vaporous state with the aid of heat.

    Operation by which a volatile liquid is separated
  5. Nebulous Memories

    Its hard to pinpoint your earliest memory, especially when you fail to recall the age during which it was recorded. As a result, i will simply gather all the fragmented memories from before moving to my current location.

    My parents were divorced, and i was staying with my mother and her side of the family. There would be around 4-5 females in the house with no males present aside from me. I was the center of attention at that point (until the age of 7 i think). My grandmother was ...
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