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  1. elixirmixer's Avatar
    elixirmixer -
    It's a big learning curve to go from scratch and build interactive e-commerce websites, but certainly well worth the investment of time, as I.T. jobs seem to become more and more common with pretty lucrative salaries.
  2. Avatar's Avatar
    Avatar -
    Very nice. I have recently decided to go down the programming path. Html,css,javascript,ruby and rails first for me. As an interactive web page for a small businesses is all I desire currently.
    I start in 3 days. Will be practicing 6 hours a day.
    As for a trading program. I like deviated averages. However there is not a program that will ping me when the price deviates my desired amount.
    I could also use a program that automatically buys and sells based on deviated average movement.
    But! That will be future fun.
    Good luck!