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  1. EM's nice Opal find.

    Thus far, im my roughly first 6 months in central Australia, I have learnt quite a lot more about opal than many people even realize exist. Much like those who wear them; Opals are complicated gemstones that have many different characters, sizes, ways of expressing themselves and often, health issues.

    Opal is sold in three main types.
    "Stones" - meaning a solid piece.
    "Doublet" - A slice of Opal with wooden or plastic backing.
    "Triplet" ...
  2. A mostly dream

    I am taken to a land looks like a desert, to my eyes. There are tall spiked rock (?) formations that rise up high. In the distance is a village. To get there, there is stone stairs that is partially covered along a cliff edge. In this village all of the houses are embedded in the rock with cloth roofs of white linen. I am sitting in someones house and he offers to show me their strange forest that houses creatures made of light. I say rock, but it wasn't. It was something different.
  3. Writings

    In stillness I see clearly, and the Fire comes to me. Carnelian spires raise the light filled sky, and it is nearer to me than before.
    "Let us walk together. I see your stony path of darkness. I shall follow and light your way."
    "Let me see clearly." I said.
    "Let us see clearly." the Fire replied.
    "Let me be wise." I said.
    "Let us be wise." the Fire replied.
    "Let me love!" I cried.
    "Let ...
  4. Alchemy; and the Prima Materia

    And Finally it all makes sense again. Another big thanks to everyone and their love. Especially Awani, because without this place I certainly would never have had the opportunity to one day become a true philosopher.

    Our Matter is a Dry Water.

    It is One. Yet within it it is Two. And Three. And Four and finally Five.

    It ia a Vile, and Putrid thing.

    Both the Rich and the Poor have it. Fools despise it.

    It is a Double Mercury ...
  5. EM; Opal Wars

    I am at war with my X-mining partner. He has been doing some very very dodgy things that have lead to a breakdown in the partnership.

    However; it didnt stop at malicious rumors, cop-doging and missing opal.

    Last night I went to go and visit a mate after he finished work at the pub. I went around to the back of the pub where my friend lives (he lives where he works and its also where my x-mining partner lives and works as a bouncer) and in the shadows was the Big Fat ...
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