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  1. EM; Opal Wars

    I am at war with my X-mining partner. He has been doing some very very dodgy things that have lead to a breakdown in the partnership.

    However; it didnt stop at malicious rumors, cop-doging and missing opal.

    Last night I went to go and visit a mate after he finished work at the pub. I went around to the back of the pub where my friend lives (he lives where he works and its also where my x-mining partner lives and works as a bouncer) and in the shadows was the Big Fat ...
  2. EM; back on the path.

    I have been re-reading a lot of my old.posts and the responses. I feel very greatfull at this moment for all the assistance I've had in being able to further my understanding of Alchemy.

    It is a difficult science; and for some of us, its very easy to become lost, get confused, forget, and lose our way towards the Stone.

    Mr. Black, JDP and Schmuldvich as well as many others have really assist and guide a better comprehension of the Art.

    I can see ...
  3. EM; lawyer by day, criminal by night.

    So I represented myself in court yesterday, relating with the charges of disorderly behaviour and refusing details.

    It went rather well, when I asked his worship to subpoena the video footage from the bar; the prosecution lady's face looked pretty nervous.

    I have a witness who is signing a statulatory declaration to confirm that i did not kick the police officer as he is claiming that I did. They also claimed that I was yelling at the police and was acting like a psyco ...
  4. " Civilisation is a deception " - A Hermit's Guide to Longevity



    " Act your age "

    Our preconceptions with age comes from civilisation. If the average lifespan was 250 years, we would all be teenagers not biologically
    but socially up to our 40's. We find our age within society comes by a social consensus.
    An example of this is how people behave when they're alone. The social rules that dictated what certain age groups should or shouldn't do
    are not present and there is ...

    Updated 10-19-2018 at 03:29 AM by Kibric

  5. EM; and the complexities of opal mining.

    So it turns out the Mr. Black, way back when I first got out here, was totally right. These mining towns have a funny way. Very friendly people. VERY. However... sometimes not in a good way.

    Everyone wants to go mining with ElixirMixer. Im a "young bloke" (pffft, not really feeling it) and everyone knows that im a digging machine. This has attracted people to want to offer me 'partnerships'.

    Some I have accepted, but so far, no good. Opal does something funny ...
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