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  1. OBE researched @ University of Ottawa

    Came across this recent study from University of Ottawa, Canada, that took an interest in a woman who could leave her body at will.

    Article link here:
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  2. Contemplation of Process

    So far, mere distillation and extraction are not practices of alchemy in their own right, though they are undoubtedly a part of the alchemy process. I feel that what really makes alchemy alchemy is the inward, mental observation of our own spiritual chances as a result of these physical practices.

    The simple feeling of accomplishment in having finished a completed product is satisfying in itself, but I expect there are other, deeper considerations to be had. At this point, I don't ...
  3. Pine Extraction

    Since the growing season for some more commonly used herbs has not quite yet begun (though we have begun our seedlings indoors already), I decided to do this first extraction using a readily available material: pine needles. Excellent source of vitamin C, and not bad in a tea or mixed with juice (it has almost a bitter lime flavor). Though be wary of your subspecies, as certain conifers can induce cramping in females, as well as miscarriages.

    I used the needles from a loblolly pine. ...
  4. 2nd Distillation of Ethanol

    After accumulating roughly 500ml of ethanol, I am running it through a second, markedly longer (more patient) distillation to help eliminate impurities. A complete wash of the apparatus (condenser and receiving flask) after the first few ml's likewise helped to remove impurities. Put it all back together, and am now waiting on the final product which will be used for my next bio-extraction...

    ...which interestedly enough, will have an audience. My wife will be having friends over ...
  5. Discouraging Encouragement

    You could also call it getting back on the straight path.

    I've been dreaming of things fixing
    themselves in geometric and sacred patterns.

    "occultum fiat manifestum et vice versa,
    aqua cum igne tandem in gratium redit"

    it may be hidden, and vice versa. ...
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