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  1. EM; gets BUFF

    So it seems that ive FINALLY quit smoking, and drinking, for good. Ive been exercising regularly in preparation for this new job.

    I just did an epic 25 push-ups. I know thats not much, but im very proud because two weeks ago i was struggling at 10.

    I think today is a great time to get back into the chi kung training and start re-vamping up the chi levels. Ive got some great asian herbs and special black goji berries which are suppose to be great for rebuilding the jing. ...
  2. Good Morning All!

    This is ElixirMixer, reporting live from the hot hot Australian Desert.

    Its currently 3:29am, the moon is shining and the neighbours are pumping nightclub music over my fence, and have been doing such, since 10:30pm.

    I'm fucking thrilled.

    This is a necessary vent blog, to attempt in trying to prevent some serious vigilante justice tonight! I called the police. 11:30pm... then again at 12:30... then again at 2:45.. then again at 2:55.... ...
  3. EM Faces Court, again.

    So today I must plead my innocents after being rudely accused of kicking police officers (which I did not!)

    On the contrary, I was grabbed, handcuffed, placed inside a paddy wagon and THEN capsicum sprayed.

    I have a Statutory Declaration signed by a witness testifying to the fact that I did not kick anybody. And I am serving a Form 34B Subpoena on prosecution today demanding that the police provide their Body Worn Camera footage in order to acquit myself of these false ...
  4. EM; and Dream-Control

    So for the last few weeks ive been working up to getting back into a lucid dreaming state with some set goals in mind of what I wanted to achieve.

    The goals were simple, I wanted to drink a glass of dream water. And I wanted to look up and observe the sun.

    After a few - couple of weeks or so I found myself typing into my phone looking for free opals on gumtree. But every-time I typed the letters into the search box, they would disappear from the screen. I was dreaming! ...
  5. EM; loves Quitting Jobs

    So I've been volunteering my time managing a furniture store to raise money for the childrens sports centre here in Coober Pedy.

    Since im (fingers crossed) going to be starting this new mining job I had to leave which gave me the great opportunity to tell the Big Boss today that I would no longer be making him any money in exchange for sweet F all.

    I opened with "congratulations John, you've been promoted to store manager. I'm leaving next week."
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