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  1. Monday, Nov 23.

    Just some interesting notes coming up in "memories". Generally speaking, if you highlight "unique" text and "Seach google" for it, you'll probably find the source. When it's not a quick cut/paste from wikipedia, that is.

    "While living next to the Dome of the Rock in the al-Aqsa mosque, the Knights Templar came to understand the Dome’s unique octagonal design and how it is a natural unifier of Heaven and Earth. The Sufi teachers that helped them ...
  2. in the black code there be a jewel.

    Just some music

    Method Man Freestyle on RapCity (MuchMusic) in 1994.

    Sunz of Man "We Can't be Touched" Remix:

    Killah Priest and Heddy Fur - "Use Your Heart"
  3. Now THIS, this is crazy.

    Greg Marcus Oct 21
    no one cares how weird I get, this is awesome. I can say whatever I want.
    i think its because we are all like you. it is not weird. intelligence has its price. and you can always speak your mind - that is the best part of this.

    Greg Marcus

    Greg Marcus
    This is revelations.

    Greg Marcus
    If you are reading this, we won.

    Greg Marcus
    We cannot save the rest. ...
  4. Who was Douglas Adams?

    Another post I deleted.

    So my usual spiel about this runs like.. "I was pretty left-brained"...and my left hand was not very useful.. that's connected to right side, I assume that has something to do with it. but I don't know. It's not much better now. So since I communicate better with my right brain now, my left hand coordination hasn't gotten much better, so I really am not so sure about the connection between those two things. I'm also aware that part of that is muscle ...
  5. Good and Evil - A State of Mind?


    First, let's start at the beginning...

    Brain Wave States:
    • Beta: 14-25hz : "normal" wakeful consciousness relating to the physical world. Typified by scattered thought patterns, distraction, rational analyticl thoughts, filters, and paradigms.
    • Alpha: 8-14hz : A focused state of heightened
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