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  1. Schmuldvich's Avatar
    Schmuldvich -
    Stay strong, buddy!

    You're approaching the hardest part!
  2. black's Avatar
    black -
    Keep strong.

    It will be so much better for you and your family.

    Healthy body, healthy mind...... hang in there.
  3. elixirmixer's Avatar
    elixirmixer -
    That's it, it's a matter of "how badly do I want to succeed". I've made some minor relapses, but on the whole I'm making some great progress. I've basically become a 'weekender' rather than an 'every f'ing morning' which is a big difference.

    As you can expect, the whole world has come against me to try and get me back on the shit but I'm just so sick of having this crap holding me back.
  4. black's Avatar
    black -
    I have also given up the booze and drugs some time ago.

    It's not easy but it all comes down to what we really want to do.

    Every way we can clean our body and mind from toxins is a win.

    Keep up the good work, I have faith in you.
  5. Axismundi000's Avatar
    Axismundi000 -
    Bardon's stuff isnt really about asceticism but compared to the lifestyle you are finishing with it must seem that way at the moment. Once the drug vestiges clear you will start to progress better.