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  1. First Attempt to Distill Phosphorus

    For anyone actually interested in this... a few quick web searches will reveal a number of various ways one could potentially go about distilling urine in order to obtain elemental phosphorus. Highlighted here is one such method which is floating around the Internet.

    To summarize, the recipe is to allow an amount of urine to stand for seven days. At the end of the week, add an amount of carbon and cinnamon, mix it together, and distill completely at high heat. Capture the distillate ...
  2. Alchemy and Fear of Death

    In all of my reading concerning alchemy, the human spirit is presumed to be real. I guess that is mainly what keeps me interested. I fear death. I fear pain of death. I fear helplessness. And I'm not sure if I believe in life after death. It is very easy for me to say that I don't believe in it, because there is no proof, and I have never experienced anything that I would classify as spiritual in my entire life.

    That overwhelming fear of dying really, really makes me want to take ...

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  3. Money

    I hear people around me saying often: "I wish I had more money..", "If only I won the lottery..", "I want to be rich!".
    I like to play the game of foolish questions even with matters that seem to have an obvious answer. I wonder, what do they really mean when they say that. Why would they need the money for? Some need them in order to go to reastaurants and have other people prepare their meal. Others will go for vacations, live in a luxurious hotel and make ...
  4. Proof Experiment (part 1)

    My objective is to find an alternative method of measuring alcohol content.

    The process is simple in theory. Dissolve an amount of salt (NaCl) which would completely dissolve in a known amount of water/ethanol mixture (amounts calculated by weight, not volume); treat the mixture as if it were 100% water when determining how much salt to add (for example, 3.59 g of NaCl dissolves completely in 10 g water at 20 C). Weigh the amount of undissolved salt remaining, and that will tell you ...
  5. Origin: Part One

    1. Origin: The Prime Paradox

    'Origin' is rooted in Paradox. The Root 'is' No-Thing, but only a Virtual Continuum of Potential/Possibility, at the Extremes of which there are the Possibility of 'Nothing' and the Possibility of 'Everything'.

    All Possibility/Potential 'is' Virtual, Abstract and UN-Knowable.

    . The Potential Differences/Tensions along the virtual Continuum and among the Infinity of Variations between Degrees of Possibility,
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