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  1. Can you buy the Stone?

    A rainy day, and again I post from the warm comforts of my bed.

    I have been inquiring into Roark Rhoend's book "Hermetic Legacy". This book claims to describe in detail the creation of SM in it's most pure form. (As well as come with a piece of the stone!)

    I'm interested to see whether or not this is legitimate, for two reasons, the obvious one (more stone info) and a less obvious one, evidence that Alchemical dogmas should be avoided as much as any other ...
  2. Elixir Mixer Presents: Elixir Mixer

    As I lay in my bed, at 10:30 on a Saturday morning, head still foggy from beers till 4am, I can't help but consider, the Stone...

    Is it truly that difficult to make?

    How many people have actually given it a try?

    Maybe 100 modern philosophers?

    That's not very many...

    It could be more, but even more likely, it could be a lot less...

    For me, Alchemy is the art of Transformation. I've always been a huge believer ...
  3. Human Harp

    If you find yourself at Clifton Suspension Bridge, England, on March 15th, 2015, you may get a front row seat to this performance:

    This gives new meaning to playing the harp!
  4. The First Rotation of Hermetic Philosophy

    The First Rotation.

    The image is the Microcosmic Man. The Athanor. The First Rotation is the understanding of the Microcosm and it's creation and involution/first evolution. Without a theoretical basis, everything is lost.

    I mean this literally. I've thrown out quite a few 'interesting but improbable' substances in the lab which, looking back on now, would have been quite useful in Particular Works. ...
  5. My book, soon published (in french).

    My dear friends,

    I'm glad to tell you that I have finished to write my first book. It will be published this year at "Alliance Magique", a french publishing house specialized in occult, esoterism and well being. I'm very very glad of it Right now it is in proof reading at my publisher's house of edition. I hope we will soon work on the cover !

    Everything began when I write an article on my blog, that I reposted here : ...
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