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  1. The opal quest...

    And it continues.

    I went to my mine to stay the night. I observed the stars and plants, i wrote a song and did some blacklighting (searching for opal with uv light in the dark)

    I brought this stone up home with me because i saw a bit of colour in the side. It sat there for a few days in the pile. I had my friend the preacher come around. He often will sort my opal while we chat which is great because he's really quite good at it and it makes my life easier.
  2. Using Blacklight to identify energy rich minerals

    Some very interesting observations today. Having bought an UV light (a proper one, not an led one) and having slept out at the mine to sing koonbiya, drink piss, write music and find opal all throughout the night hours; many interesting things occured....

    Most of which are hardly of any concern to you. My epic song that i started writing isnt finished yet...

    However, upon using the blacklight to scan around for opal at night, another amazing thing caught my eye.... ...
  3. The life of a slave...

    I dont know how you people do it.

    Ive done my absolute best not to contribute in anyway to society (the death-machine).

    And to take from it and turn it iti something beautiful (my family)

    But now they have me by the balls. I have some serious hours now at work and its fuckin killin me already. I cant be on the dole anymore because i moved to a 'lesser opportunities area' so i either had to go to work or get cut off the dole completely for 6 months. ...
  4. Keep me calm boys.

    I had my first theft from my opal mine today.

    I saw them do it.

    I need advice.

    Usually; we shot first and ask questions later out here....

    Id like to go to the grave without having to explain murder to the big man upstairs.

    I then thought about going and taking a big shit; and smearing it on the walls of this blokes mine, making it near impossile to work.

    Im trying to be big about this, and maybe smearing shit ...
  5. EM is not well..

    Im in some serious pain here lads.

    Ive got a gall-bladder full of stones. Its fucking killing me. I moved a stone oit of my gall bladder using my tai-chi relaxation skills; which was a horrible idea, lodging it into my pancreas.

    They want to take oit my gall-bladder which is not happening. Im dying fully intact.

    If anyone is feeling generous and would like to see EM live long enough to post the work on gypsum and moon radiation; it would be lovely to ...
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