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  1. True Freedom

    Its a very difficult task to find full purification while at the same time having to engage with an inherently corrupted system.

    Fortunatly, administrational developments have finally allowed me a well earned break, I'm being lobbed onto the disability support pension.

    I could never explain how grateful I feel, knowing that I no longer have to endure poorly educated people issuing false judgments and superiority complexes over me, trying to force me to impossible means ...
  2. Day 4


    Im still ib a good mode; and positive about this; I have zero desire for smokables and beer.

    However, Im going through some serious physical turmoil right now. Headache's are getting bad, body cramping up. Stomach feels like a garbage dump and my kidneys feel like they spent the night on a brothel floor.

    I don't think I'll be getting out of bed today. Do any of you knid gentlemen have any well prepared detox Spagyrics to ...
  3. Day 3

    My breathe smells like your ass.

    And my ass has little more than a breathe.

    I have headaches but not as bad as I thought I would.

    Energy levels rise and fall with the wind.

    Tea and salty herb waters only.

    Synchronicity has kicked in from day one.

    I am strengthened and determined by a number of factors this time, so with a little divine grace, perhaps I can make it.

    I want to open a charcoal yiros ...
  4. The pains of transformation.

    Day 4 of no: alcohol, cigarettes, marijiwana, and masterbation.

    I have a serious headache, my anxiety it's through the roof, I washed myself three times over in the shower and still fell dirty.

    I'm stressed out, cannot deal with the 'patter of little feet' being a prick to my wife, it really is a time of dark energy evacuation, and as they are forced out of my life and home, they are kicking and screaming.

    Cold sweats, a sharp dive in sexual arousal, ...
  5. EM... is dying...




    It seems that for me the cat is out of the bag. Elixirmixer, as an entity, no longer has any place here. I have shared everything which I am willing to share, and most openly and honestly, and the greatest secrets are hidden in those stranger written pieces. They are my gift to you, and i'm sure anyone who pursues them will find them of great usefulness.

    My Journey into Winter must be a solitary one. The fat lady is singing ...
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