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  1. Keep me calm boys.

    I had my first theft from my opal mine today.

    I saw them do it.

    I need advice.

    Usually; we shot first and ask questions later out here....

    Id like to go to the grave without having to explain murder to the big man upstairs.

    I then thought about going and taking a big shit; and smearing it on the walls of this blokes mine, making it near impossile to work.

    Im trying to be big about this, and maybe smearing shit ...
  2. EM is not well..

    Im in some serious pain here lads.

    Ive got a gall-bladder full of stones. Its fucking killing me. I moved a stone oit of my gall bladder using my tai-chi relaxation skills; which was a horrible idea, lodging it into my pancreas.

    They want to take oit my gall-bladder which is not happening. Im dying fully intact.

    If anyone is feeling generous and would like to see EM live long enough to post the work on gypsum and moon radiation; it would be lovely to ...
  3. We're getting there...

    Finally finished the 6000km move.

    I have offically mangled 3 oit of 4 of the cars my wife has ever owned.

    Last night a kangaroo jumped out at the car and smashed its face into my headlight.

    Im assuming the kangaroo was perfectly fine, and that the blood weeping from the headlight was just my car trying to heal itself.

    New Philosophers Stone equipment is being ordered and the Grand work will soon begin.

    "What a man can ...
  4. " Civilisation is a deception " - A Hermit's Guide to Longevity

    Using the environment - Continued


    Drinking chlorophyll once you have separated from its leaves has many health benefits.

    How can you remove chlorophyll from leaves?

    " We reported that chlorophyll improves facial wrinkles and elasticity in female volunteers over the age of 45 who received two different doses of chlorophyll extract supplement for 90 days. ...

    Updated 06-28-2018 at 11:37 PM by Kibric

  5. First day of school: Coober Pedy

    So my first day in my new town was awesome. Synchronization is running at peak performance right now.

    I took the wife out for waffles and bang; old timer offers me a trip down into the mine shaft. We found opal!

    Nothing to write home about, however it was fun and I learnt an incredible amount about the place and how to mine. My wife laughed at my tiny specs of opal but was impressed by the epic gypsum crystals i also found. A nice piece of Jasper aswell.
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