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  1. Proof Experiment (part 1)

    My objective is to find an alternative method of measuring alcohol content.

    The process is simple in theory. Dissolve an amount of salt (NaCl) which would completely dissolve in a known amount of water/ethanol mixture (amounts calculated by weight, not volume); treat the mixture as if it were 100% water when determining how much salt to add (for example, 3.59 g of NaCl dissolves completely in 10 g water at 20 C). Weigh the amount of undissolved salt remaining, and that will tell you ...
  2. Origin: Part One

    1. Origin: The Prime Paradox

    'Origin' is rooted in Paradox. The Root 'is' No-Thing, but only a Virtual Continuum of Potential/Possibility, at the Extremes of which there are the Possibility of 'Nothing' and the Possibility of 'Everything'.

    All Possibility/Potential 'is' Virtual, Abstract and UN-Knowable.

    . The Potential Differences/Tensions along the virtual Continuum and among the Infinity of Variations between Degrees of Possibility,
  3. EMF

    Contemplated whether to post this blog, I know how some closely, intimately tied to their iPhones.

    I'll leave you with the words of Martin Blank,

    No one wants to return to the dark ages, but there are smarter and safer ways to approach our relationship—as individuals and across society—with the technology that exposes us to electromagnetic
  4. OBE researched @ University of Ottawa

    Came across this recent study from University of Ottawa, Canada, that took an interest in a woman who could leave her body at will.

    Article link here:
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  5. Contemplation of Process

    So far, mere distillation and extraction are not practices of alchemy in their own right, though they are undoubtedly a part of the alchemy process. I feel that what really makes alchemy alchemy is the inward, mental observation of our own spiritual chances as a result of these physical practices.

    The simple feeling of accomplishment in having finished a completed product is satisfying in itself, but I expect there are other, deeper considerations to be had. At this point, I don't ...
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