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  1. You're right smernoff

    657 (at least) times someone of the mindstate of 'self-betterment' came and read the same old blog, for the same old guy, of which un-numerious beginners of alchemy have clunge onto for the sake of development and self-preservation..........

    .... but you're right........


    ...i do still need to prove myself.........................

    That is true.

    However... i do NOT.. write these testionies for myself, ...
  2. What to do with my life..

    I sold the land! Yay!

    Not sure what I want to do now though. I've been procrastinating some very needed maths study, but other than that I'm back in my whirlwind of ideas with a million projects I want to do and now sure which one is the best way to go.

    I've been reading up on the urine path lately which would be interesting since I've never done it before. I've also got all I need to do a lot of delinquency work on salts.

    Tough decisions. Might buy a ...
  3. Showcase

    So i made this Vritual Reality thingy if you wanna check out what ive been up to..?