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  1. Day 3

    My breathe smells like your ass.

    And my ass has little more than a breathe.

    I have headaches but not as bad as I thought I would.

    Energy levels rise and fall with the wind.

    Tea and salty herb waters only.

    Synchronicity has kicked in from day one.

    I am strengthened and determined by a number of factors this time, so with a little divine grace, perhaps I can make it.

    I want to open a charcoal yiros ...
  2. The pains of transformation.

    Day 4 of no: alcohol, cigarettes, marijiwana, and masterbation.

    I have a serious headache, my anxiety it's through the roof, I washed myself three times over in the shower and still fell dirty.

    I'm stressed out, cannot deal with the 'patter of little feet' being a prick to my wife, it really is a time of dark energy evacuation, and as they are forced out of my life and home, they are kicking and screaming.

    Cold sweats, a sharp dive in sexual arousal, ...
  3. EM... is dying...




    It seems that for me the cat is out of the bag. Elixirmixer, as an entity, no longer has any place here. I have shared everything which I am willing to share, and most openly and honestly, and the greatest secrets are hidden in those stranger written pieces. They are my gift to you, and i'm sure anyone who pursues them will find them of great usefulness.

    My Journey into Winter must be a solitary one. The fat lady is singing ...
  4. Alchemical Insomnia

    Dear Diary,

    I can't sleep...

    Ever since having those chats with Mr (______) I cannot stop meditating upon the Opus.

    The Green Lion troubles me in my sleep, Like a young lion, amount many beasts this noble character hungers for our gold. The Solaris eludes the many, they think it be the bulgur gold but how be it then that a lion should feed upon himself? Or where does nature, approve this abomination? Not in the noble lion, that's for sure.
  5. Assistance please.

    I'm working in a project that takes M-state back into it's metallic form. Just interested to know if anyone had performed these types of experiments.

    JDP? The Fool? ....

    M-State theory is pretty interesting, it's pretty new and there are varying theories but this is basically the way I see it.

    Basically, the energy required for ionic bonding lies within the d-shell orbital. M-State has donated too much through certain processes and has lost the capability ...
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