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  1. 2nd Distillation of Ethanol

    After accumulating roughly 500ml of ethanol, I am running it through a second, markedly longer (more patient) distillation to help eliminate impurities. A complete wash of the apparatus (condenser and receiving flask) after the first few ml's likewise helped to remove impurities. Put it all back together, and am now waiting on the final product which will be used for my next bio-extraction...

    ...which interestedly enough, will have an audience. My wife will be having friends over ...
  2. Discouraging Encouragement

    You could also call it getting back on the straight path.

    I've been dreaming of things fixing
    themselves in geometric and sacred patterns.

    "occultum fiat manifestum et vice versa,
    aqua cum igne tandem in gratium redit"

    it may be hidden, and vice versa. ...
  3. 1st Distillation of Ethanol

    The goal of this process was to practice my distillation techniques, become more comfortable with the process and equipment, and have a good time. =) All measurements are approximate.

    Using a simple distillation apparatus, I warmed about 150 mL mixture of various 40 proof spirits to distill ethanol.

    I warmed the mixture to about 56 - 60 C to distill any acetone.

    And I let it cook until distillation stopped (no further distillate is accumulating) and I ...
  4. Patience

    I am eager to begin my work, but I am not yet ready. I find myself organizing my workspace and cleaning my equipment while I wait to put the final pieces together. (A few items to be delivered, and a few more things to make.) Impatience has tempted me to adapt what I already have to meet my needs, and it is very difficult for me to stop and step away.

    Tomorrow, I will paint the word "patience" on the wall above my workspace. It is a very plain wall, and needs some decoration ...

    Updated 01-04-2014 at 08:48 PM by Eshai

  5. Tiny Vac

    While in the process of setting up my evaporator, I decided to see how this tiny, homemade vacuum pump works. After a successful raid of my wife's kitchen (and so my downward spiral into Alchemy begins >.<), and a few holes later, I put together this little guy based off the video that was linked to in the "Making a vacuum pump...?" thread.

    Direct link to video: ...
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