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  1. vigilance's Avatar
    vigilance -
    i love my friends man

    Do you have this set up still? I want to make a gif of the rotation.
    I'm not sure if it exists like that, it would translate well.
    but im pretty sure you don't have hte time to help

    I have all be blender files. I should be able to replicate the cube and regenerate the animation
    just so you know, I'm gonna be out there, "my buddy Sandor Laszlo...".. and i'm fucking weird. so good luck with that. DD

    LOL, I"m used to it
  2. vigilance's Avatar
    vigilance -
    Did I say this here yesterday as well? I can't remember but yeah I've got to start dictating:

    Ive always been too self conscious to dictate. Even at home alone. Dunno why. The technology has been there for a long time. It's even less likely with the wife home. At least when you're writing you have the time to straighten things out before someone reads them. She's not judging or anything.. I just don't practice or learns thing in front of people either. They don't see it until I'm at least component.

    and touching a pen.. trying to type it out.. its too slow. it fucks it up
  3. vigilance's Avatar
    vigilance -
    theres a lot of errors up there. my wife lied to me.
  4. vigilance's Avatar
    vigilance -
    oh, this place reminds me of there. but im much better this time. And i certainly have more to give back
  5. vigilance's Avatar
    vigilance -
    Hmm I'll continue later. Some things I guess I'd split into a new post. I dunno how to do this free associating remembering sorting thiings out thing. When it comes, I have to get it out. I come back later, collect it all, and use it.

    My writing's getting better. Thanks Andro. I see you. I do quote sources instead of "saying it myself". I have trouble with my own voice, it's whats holding me back for YEARS. Over a decade. Thats partly all the books, all the studying. Finding and words and terms to find the shit I think of "in my own way". And finding people that seem to be suggesting what I think.. To use them instead. Because I am not credible and I have no credentials. My shit is "anecdotal". You can sell that shit to the new age mush minds running around out there in the Idicoracy. But I don't care a damn what they think about anything. Anyways.. I'm mentiond this again lately as "working on my Rhetoric".

    Okay, I will continue this later.
  6. vigilance's Avatar
    vigilance -
    who's giving me the chills.

    oh. someone had emailed me. crazy.
  7. vigilance's Avatar
    vigilance -
    so why was Gaddafi supporting both the Nation of Islam and white supremacist groups? And on who's behalf? The "easy" answer is the link is antisemitism.. but I don't think it's that simple.
  8. vigilance's Avatar
    vigilance -
    At the turn of the century white Americans and whites elsewhere in the world felt uneasy because poverty and economic depression seemed to strike people regardless of race.[4] White poverty contradicted notions of racial superiority and hence it became the focus of "scientific" study. The report recommended that "employment sanctuaries" be established for poor white workers and that poor white workers should replace "native" black workers in most skilled aspects of the economy.[5] The authors of the report suggested that unless something was done to help poor whites racial deterioration and miscegenation would be the outcome.[3]

    Although the ground work for Apartheid began earlier, the report provided support for the idea that the maintenance of white superiority would require support from social institutions. This was the justification for the segregation, and discrimination[6] of the following decades.[5] The report expressed fear about the loss of white racial pride, and in particular pointed to the danger that the poor white would not be able to resist the process of "Bantu-isation."[3] In seeking to prevent a class-based movement that would unite the poor across racial lines the report sought to heighten race as opposed to class differences as the significant social category.[4]

    The findings of the report helped bolster support for segregation and strict limits and laws for black South Africans. The hope was that the program of segregation would help poor whites, by giving them institutional assistance, and thus prevent race-mixing and maintain racial purity and economic power. Because of the "poor white problem" institutional racism in South Africa would differ from institutional racism in other parts of the world where scientific racism, which supposed intrinsic racial differences, played a more prominent role (many white Afrikaners have multi-racial ancestors).

    Although scientific racism played a role in justifying and supporting institutional racism in South Africa, it was not as important in South Africa as it has been in Europe and the United States. This was due, in part to the "poor white problem", described by the report. The report raised serious questions for supremacists about white racial superiority.[7] Since poor whites were found to be in the same situation as Bantu in the African environment, the idea that intrinsic white superiority could overcome any environment did not seem to hold. As such, "scientific" justifications for racism were not as widely used in South Africa as they were in other parts of the world.[7]

    You know, a "think tank". Developing "policy".
  9. vigilance's Avatar
    vigilance -
    Briefly.. "black" man is original man, the original creation. therefore, "is god". White people can't be that. If they "study for 40 years", they may be called "Righteous", and be tolerated "among the gods". Aside from their "lost and found" catechism, if you just filter references to black and white, the rest of it is pretty standard esotercism. But of course, their syncretism is super special and only they have it. Sigh. Wallace Ford (Fard,described as "afghani", probably just tanned) a conman in jail for fraud when he was released early. He immediately went to Noble Drew Ali's Moorish Science Temple and immediately ingratiated himself with Drew. When Drew was killed, he attempted to take over control of the MST. Failing that, he recruited the Honorable Elijah Mohammed as the "black face" for the Nation of Islam that he founded. Quite honestly, maybe nobody ever knew him except Elijah. They SAY they aren't waiting on anyone, they must save themselves, but at the higher levels.. hahahha.. They await the return of Fard. He's on the mothership. (the occultation of the mahdi, I suspect).

    Tuesday, July 29, 2014 at 10:00am
    Now I'm going to talk about black esoteric history
    if W.D. Fard was a righteous man I can't decide you see
    I have an idea he was sent by the FBI to become an MST initiate-ee
    If I keep talking like this does it mean I can't be a wu killer bee?
    I really do like your mathematics even if a little elementary
    I identify them as being from the tradition of the Art of Memory
    But that wasn't Fard, that was Clarence the 13...
    A prophet, even tho for women booze and gambling he did fiend
    You can't ignore that you must take the good with the bad
    Even with his faults, he was the best friend you've had
    He didn't quite get to the point of all men are brothers
    But when it comes to rich versus poor, we could help each other
    The monkeys on his back no doubt affected his clarity
    Farrakhan would say this is why he took the white devils charity
    He found he could work with a white man named Lindsay
    And in doing so made the Nation the Islam look kinda silly
    This is no joke, the exploration of the brain
    And if you're not properly prepared you could break from the strain
    You need to take that as a lesson and make sure to clean yourself up
    Unless you wanna end up in the hospital ranting schizophrenic stuff
    I've told you before the name of my clan
    Time to fuck the dumb shit, and get back to the original plan
    The rich that rule want us divided on racial and not class lines
    In this way, the Nazi social science of control they did refine
    They will all say im just an agent provocateur
    And by this means to their control you'll demur
    'Don't believe him, he's here to deceive,
    you don't know the cards he's holding up his sleeve.'
    That in itself is a very old trick,
    if wann believe it you can suck a dirty donkey's dick
    This goes back to old deals in the ancient lands
    Templars doing the knowledge perserved by Islamic hands

    Tuesday, July 29, 2014 at 2:04pm
    What about these claims of supposed Divinty?
    At the same time laughing and mocking the Christian Trinity
    No spook in the sky, no Messiah on a Horse
    But where's Elijah and Fard? Why in the Mothership, of course!
    And now is the time for the marriage to begin
    Making the Nation of Islam and Scientology as blood kin
    But I'm warning you suckers, Xenu's gonna have the last laugh
    but until you're clear of Thetans you'll never understand my math
    That's just what the black diaspora needs
    More money siphoned from their communities

    Friday, September 5, 2014 at 9:46am EDT
    YOU DO NOT OWN THIS, it comes from the Sun
    And God shines his Light on all his children.
    If you believe these racialized dogs have no fleas
    Then you can remain lost, and do what you please
    I continue spinning in the light on my mental trapeize
    While you stare with Satan's dick your mouth, down on your knees
  10. vigilance's Avatar
    vigilance -
    the part that could help:

    " As Nixon once said to Kruschev (sp?), "In some ways you may be superior to us. And in some instances we may be superior to you. After all, you don't know everything." ;o)"
  11. vigilance's Avatar
    vigilance -
    oh, the "7000" is the "seven thousand years" etc. I think it's something from the old testament which then comes up as a "callback" a few times later in the bible.
  12. vigilance's Avatar
    vigilance -
    I looked Bri up when I got back again full time in 2012. He has leukemia and I didn't want to bother him. It hurts so bad I have no power to help him.
  13. vigilance's Avatar
    vigilance -
    Quote Originally Posted by Awani
    That reminds me of the Wu-Tang Clan.

    Ha! yes, exactly.

    [Rza] People always said the Wu-Tang Clan W was a bat or bird. They dont remember, early on, that I said, No, its a phoenix.
    []eephounds 215 points 3 days ago
    Hey RZA! You seem to be a very calculated, meditative and, for lack of a better word, spiritual person. Was there a certain event in your life that led you to be this way or is this the way you've always been? Peace & thanks for the AMA

    []authenticRZA[S] 377 points 3 days ago
    Yes, certain events led me to this, which is hard for me to describe to this, which are hard to describe. But I can say that it was a growth process. Would you believe I was once obnoxious.

    The line of transmission goes Moorish Science Temple -> Nation of Islam -> Nation of Gods and Earths.

    MST was the Noble Drew Ali. His parents shared the same teacher, Jamal whoever, as Blavatsky. His Circle 7 Koran largely plagiarizes the Rosicrucian "Unto Thee I Grant..."
  14. Awani's Avatar
    Awani -
    That reminds me of the Wu-Tang Clan.

  15. Seraphim's Avatar
    Seraphim -
    Planting food sounds like a good plan. Thanks for the recommendations and good luck.
  16. elixirmixer's Avatar
    elixirmixer -
    Have food reserves? Find ways to increase income? Pray for those less fortunate then ourselves?

    Not sure, each individual has different priorities and responsibilities.

    My situation right now is just concerned with getting into Google and planting as.much food as I can on the land I've recently bought.

    Leave the children with a safety net is my plan and get into work that I can do from the safety of my own home.

    What CAN you do? Whatever it is, find it, and get it done!
  17. Seraphim's Avatar
    Seraphim -
    So what should we do?
  18. Seraphim's Avatar
    Seraphim -
    What is a Celestial Body?