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  1. Monday, Oct. 19 2021

    I've already bought two beats. lol. got people phone numbers, G.C. is in. Lots of stuff. Lots I can't talk about too.

    This stuff is coming up. I've let it all out, right? It's a barbarous name. Specifically for a value. Its the Measure of hte Throne, and almost an anagarm of Matan Torah.. The receiving of the Torah, which Metatron gave to Moses. Whereever there is theopany, it's Metatron. The Holy One Blessed Be He, is almost always refering to Theopany when you see it used. It's ...
  2. I met my wife Francine on Aug 1, 2012.

    I had seen her pop on on the little thumbnails.. I clicked someone else by mistake ,the screen changed, and of course all the thumbnails changed, and I was all like wwait, what was that. I dunno lots of people know how that thing works eh? ha. Anyways.. I spent some time clicking on differnet thumbnails trying to see if hers would come up again. I can remember, i think. well. its a neat detail anyways.. kinda getting frustrated and i think i just clicked on someone eles to look.. not just to change ...