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  1. Zaphod Beeblebox

    This was the second one, also deleted. but I didn't find the cool graphic for that one.

    I think what I talk about, a lot of creative people already know.

    But i was severely left brained.

    what i am journaling is the right brain. and journeying.

    Master and Emissary/the Divided Brain's got it.

    But I was here first. Time and ...
  2. The Works of Creation.

    This is how it started, three weeks ago. And then I deleted everything.

    Okay so. they used to say that spacetime was arranged like a 4 dimensional cube, with 'matter" concentrated along the vertices.
    Now, it's a non-euclidean honeycomb
    The hexagon honeycomb is the same as the cube.
    stacked cubes.
    But there's really no straight lines, its all the circles and interference patterns. So it's circles. But it's 3D, so actually, it's spheres. bubbles. ...
  3. Astrological Geometry as World Stage Ritual

    So this was an interesting discussion.

    6 years ago
    The universe starts as a one dimensional mathematical point. Then the 2D dimensional plane. And then the 3D Euclidian space. Then add Time.

    There is an emanation, current, from the Timeless, formless, changeless Aur, the Ein Sof, that permeates all "levels" of creation, from
  4. so yeah.

    I called the cops on myself, and then fought five of them in my living room. I picked the big one to go after, punched him in the head, he fell down and broke our table.

    Well at first I had them mesmerized, and was moving them around my home. I kept telling them I'd take their guns and shoot them, and even teased this good looking little gay one, physically put my hands over him like i was looking for his gun.

    Still at that point nothing happened,. I can't remember ...
  5. La confiance en Fulcanelli

    Nous ne pouvons pas passer à côté de l'Œuvre de Fulcanelli, et le monde entier nous l'envie - oui le monde entier, par le génie qui se dégage de l'oeuvre, malheureusement trop courte, d'une densité formidable, et d'une grande honnêteté, mais aussi par son aspect terriblement moderne pour l'époque car parler de récentisme, d'art de la mémoire, du Moyen-âge avec ferveur, tout en restant multi-culturel et éminemment pratique reste quelque chose d'inégalé.

    La stature d'Adeptus Hermeticus ...
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