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  1. Metatron and the R.C. 'House of the Holy Spirit'

    'I finished the whiskey, shut my eyes, opened them again. Facing me was the seventeenth century engraving, a typical Rosicrucian allegory of the period, rich in coded messages addressed to the members of the Fraternity. Obviously it depicted the Temple of the Rosy Cross, a tower surmounted by a dome in accordance with the Renaissance Iconographic model, both Christian and Jewish, of the Temple of Jerusalem, reconstructed on the pattern of

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  2. currently...

    I sat down at my desk recently to get back to work after a pause. I decided I wanted to cover Mynsicht a bit before I started talking about his "seal" and the Porta Alchemica.

    I sorted out that his "Golden Age" had an english translation, and the Golden Treatise was probably attributable to him, and also had an english translation. I was also gathering biographical information on him, and noticing that different sources agreed on most of it, but also had different ...