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  1. ****ed Up My Work

    Maybe I'll post pictures but if I do it will be next month in July.

    I closed up my flask later my Work started to bubble!!!

    However, stupid me, thinking there was too much water, I opened up my flask to try to drain some out.

    What happened next? Nothing. I closed up my flasks and never saw the bubbles again.

    Rule of thumb: Don't open your flask when the Work has begun.

    I'm going to need about 1.5 more years before I can really ''Show'' ...

    Updated 06-02-2022 at 09:05 PM by tAlchemist (I Want To Edit Some Things Out)

  2. All In Good Faith

    All In Good Faith


    I've seen how certain people treated Chasm369, Schmuldvich for asserting their views on Alchemy.

    I've seen how bothered people can be by people who assert their views when the option to look away from what BOTHERS them is always there.

    Are you listening to me? Oh okay. You're not bothered, are you? Oh no? Oh okay then I shall continue... But that other guy over there, when he speaks you're bothered.