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  1. High School memories

    As expressed in the last input, i always felt as sort of an outsider at school thanks to the nickname "black boy" that i was given. I believe its this feeling of not belonging somewhere, that led me to later join a bully team who would mainly harass this mentally retarded child who had the bad habbit of eating his own snot. Despite the bad nature of the group, there was a floating sense of inclusiveness, in which i felt welcomed, and acted as enough of a drug to not let me immediately ...
  2. Happy accidents

    Most of this is some older work. I've resized everything to 600 width, and they do lose a little bit compared to being full screen, but the effect is still there somewhat. Contrary to the title, the first few weren't accidents at all...

    This is probably my favorite thing I've done, a reproduction of Bruno's "Atrium Veneris". I like to think of it as a play on "4 dimensional cube", because there are four cubes of different dimensions:


    Updated 02-22-2019 at 06:12 PM by Greg Marcus

  3. Die Erleuchteten

    Well, this one I remembered ordering.

    They lied when they said it was in "Good" condition. It's in excellent condition.

    I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it. I don't read German. Ha ha. I just may cut it up and make an excellent scan of it. Scanning it on a flatbed would kill it anyways (its 624 pages). I found this neat mount for my DSLR that would allow me to connect it to a frame and scan it like ...
  4. Foundations of Newton's Alchemy

    This came in the mail yesterday. I don't remember ordering it. I had to search my email to see that I bought it in January.. It was only $12+reasonable S&H.

    I'm thinking it came up in a search and I couldn't find a PDF version so for the $12 I just bought it on a whim.

    I see it was discussed in this thread.

    I read Isaac Newton - The Last Sorcerer when it was first published. I'm aware of the ...
  5. Some recent work, things I need to work on, and other thoughts.

    I did it again, I wrote a post too long for here. To be honest, I was going to post it in both places anyways. I don't really shill for "my blog". I just needed a place to keep nicely formatted content with "inline" pictures. I like to be more of a 'build it and they will come' type guy. I figure the posts will get indexed by search engines, and people who are specifically searching for it will find it. Reading through the forums has made me concerned about the versions and translations ...
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