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    Dendritic Xylem

    That's because they aren't leaders, they are public relations media figures. The real leaders learned long ago that it's much safer to have a hired face

    USA Famous Arrests 2020

    Dendritic Xylem 18 Minutes Ago Go to last post

    In a way I agree because it takes one to know one, meaning the dumb people who vote for him do so because he is as dumb as those people. So they connect

    USA Famous Arrests 2020

    Awani 13 Hours Ago Go to last post

    USA Famous Arrests 2020

    Andro 16 Hours Ago Go to last post

    Those guys actually are right-wing. The notion that there are pedophiles amongst the Elite is NOT new. That is an old conspiracy that QAnon hijacked for

    Corona Virus - COVID19

    Awani 1 Day Ago Go to last post

    Whatsthe bet they were paid?

    There seems to be a lot of this counter-protest going on, along side with the protests, sometimes even under

    Corona Virus - COVID19

    elixirmixer 1 Day Ago Go to last post