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    EM; the Land Owner.

    So today was the day. I spent more money today than I usually spend in 3 years. We bought 69 and three quater acres of the flinders ranges goat grazzing fields. Im going to try and get a loan...

    elixirmixer 11-14-2018
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    Would it be possible to design your own magic ceremony that went something like this:

    Open the circle.
    Open the triangle.

    Ceremonial Email

    elixirmixer 1 Hour Ago Go to last post

    Well actually I do want to be a magician.

    I have shockingly poor will power as many of you know and magic is more or less (IMO) the traini

    Connecting with Elementals.

    elixirmixer 2 Hours Ago Go to last post

    I guess I'd be first curious to know if you really do want to be a magician, because you don't have to be one to connect to the elemental peoples. And

    Connecting with Elementals.

    Euphrasia 3 Hours Ago Go to last post

    According to Bardon’s hierarchy, the elementals exist within the zone girdling the Earth. If you have his second book (practice of magical evocation),

    Connecting with Elementals.

    Kiorionis 9 Hours Ago Go to last post
    White Belt

    Not the best person to talk to on this subject. However the highly esteemed PD Newman has some interesting things in his most recently published paper.

    PD Newman

    White Belt 9 Hours Ago Go to last post