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    by Published on 10-05-2013 01:00 AM  Number of Views: 1634 

    Please read this entire post.

    Failure to obide by these rules may result in instantaneous banning!

    Rules & Guidelines

    * Only one username is allowed per member.
    * Use a valid and working email address.

    Note: you will not receive any form of SPAM from Alchemy Forums.

    * Search before you post, there might already be a thread with the subject you want to discuss.

    * No multiple or cross postings

    * Avoid thread hi-jacking

    The following is an absolute NO (either in posts or private messages):
    - Threats
    - Harrassments
    - Flaming
    - Spamming
    - Trolling
    - Personal attacks
    - Posting private/restricted information without explicit permission from the other involved party/parties, such as (but not limited to) actual names, phone numbers, addresses (physical, email, skype, etc...), private correspondences and documents.

    * Keep discussions calm, focused and respect other peoples views.

    * Stay on topic (sometimes a topic can go off-topic for good reasons, as other new interesting areas/ideas might surface - then just ask a moderator to split the thread in two).

    * Cite your sources when copying and pasting information into your post.

    * This is not a chat room; serious posts with content please. If you want to be social and talk about the weather then PM each other or swap MSN/Skype etc. It will benefit the quality of the forum!

    * All videos inserted that are not relevant to alchemy or to the topic of the thread will be removed!

    * Keep in mind that you need 25 posts before you can create a personal signature!

    * Keep in mind that you need 25 posts before you can have full PM access!
    (However, a small PM amount is allotted to new members under 25 posts, for orientation questions to admins/moderators)

    * You have 24 hours to edit your posts. After that, whatever you have written becomes permanent.

    * If you regret posting anything then you should look at this thread: Your post is final

    That's it... not so complicated, is it?

    If you have a problem just PM me or a moderator and we will try to help you out.

    Also read our disclaimer.

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    I guess it comes down to what outlook one has. When my car breaks down I simply by a new one. The old car is dead, but my new one is alive. And guess

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    Try the 7th of July 1901, Kingston upon Thames, Surrey. Just for fun.

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    Indeed, I totally agree with you on these points.

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